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LLP034: Why you have to get out of your own way

Self confidence is an issue that affects everyone. It is a very common determinant of a positive outlook and I have found that over the years as I have continued to grow in both my professional & personal development that it is something that will hinder anyone from their full potential. I remember finishing up residency and starting to work and one day looking around wondering was this it? Now if you are familiar with my backstory I had wanted to become a doctor since I was about 8 years old and everything I did up until that point was to make sure that dream happened. But here I was sitting in the office wondering if I was doing enough with the position I had earned.  I had so many ideas and thoughts that would run through my head that I would never take any action on because of the fear of failure. Then I began to realize that many people in similar professional positions had these same negative thoughts  that didn't allow them to take a leap of faith on something they actually wanted to do.

So when I think the people I take care of on a daily basis who may not be where they want to be on the health aspect its true that the same principles of negative thinking and lack of self confidence are present. Imagine being diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure,  obesity and trying everything you can to change that only to find that it isn't enough. As a physician it's my duty to help build the self confidence my patients will need to overcome their health deficiencies.

On this episode you are going to listen to me talk about how I have struggled with self confidence and how I used to be the main person stopping me from my greatness.



In this episode you will learn:

  • Why is self confidence an issue amongst even your top professionals 
  • What were some of the decisions that were holding me back 
  • What are some of the reasons why we suffer from a lack of self confidence 
  • How does having a low sense of self confidence affect our health and well-being

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