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LLP043: Did Wendy Williams have a stroke or seizure?

Prince, Lil Wayne, and Elton John have all suffered from the disorder of seizures. Yesterday I witnessed a video of Wendy Williams who looked to have suffered from one on live TV say that it the lights in the room was just too hot. Now I can't be 100% certain but on today's episode I think I make a compelling point that what she had suffered was more than just heat stroke.

  • One in ten people will suffer from a seizure episode in their life time.
  • Two or more seizure episodes is known as epilepsy
  • You CANNOT swallow your tongue during a seizure, DO NOT put something in someones mouth if they are having one
  • 1% of americans will develop epilepsy
  • Only 60% of patients will respond to the first antiseizure medication given




Oblique view of male head showing electrode placement on the scalp for an EEG (Electroencephalogram); SOURCE: Original; M_Brain_skull_EEG.mb


In this episode you will learn:


  • What are seizures?
  • What are the different types
  • What are the different stages?
  • Did Wendy Williams have a seizure?
  • Treatment options and diagnostic test

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