My PreMed Reflection

Today I turn 28 and if you have been keeping up with the blog I am on my last year of school and I am getting closer to being able drop the student doctor from my name and officially become Dr. Pierre. There are very few words that could describe the feeling of actually living out a childhood dream while meeting and exceeding expectations along the way, so I just try to thank the people who have been apart of this long ride whenever I get a chance.
That being said going back to my premed days where the question wasn’t what type of physician I wanted to be but WILL I become a physician we were required to do a career portfolio. I forget the reasons behind it but I did it and luckily I was still able to access it to see my mind state as a sophomore at FSU. The first page which I included a picture of left me speechless. Reason being was that I found it amazing how my aspirations had not changed in all this time. I mean It is a long ways from wanting to be a Pediatric Surgeon ( my childhood dream, not really sure why but it sounded cool) but I was in lock step of my current career goals. It seems like yesterday when I first battled thru the weed out courses like Organic chemistry & Biochemistry and now I have to make a decision on where will I do my Internal Medicine residency.
I just have to thank God and all the friends & family that he sent my way. Rest assured I will have a post calling out all those who were influential in my journey.

Thank you

Student Doctor Pierre


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