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Pictured above is probably my best visual interpretation of why public health side hates Dr. Berry. Here we have the medical student who tried their best just to get the lesson of the day but sleep had other ideas.  The picture is about 8 years old but what's telling is that it marked a time where I was obsessed with my primary goal which was to become a physician that I wouldn't even let a thing like getting proper rest stand in the way. As a physician I always find myself giving my patients advice that I know logic & common sense says that they couldn't do.
I got a masters in Public Health during my pursuit of the osteopathic medical degree and I always found part of me side-eyeing the other. Things that are touted as successes in the medical world would likely get you laughed at in the Public Health arena. Where a new study may see great success in reducing the mortality rate by 20% as a medical breakthrough, the public health side is figuring out how to wipe out small pox in the world by hand washing.
In my office I talk to patients about dietary changes & exercise regimens if some of their labs come back abnormal but the Public Health me knows that they grew up in a community where changing their diet to something worthwhile is akin to asking them change their entire culture all together.
Do I have an answer on the best way to keep the public health side & medical side happy? At this point in time NO, so for now I just have to own it & work on finding the balance before my public health side tries to leave me for good.

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