driperresblog,time,affirmation    The older I get the more I catch myself saying the phrase “I don’t have time to waste”. I'm not going to lie I use to grow up thinking that all adults ever did was complain about not having any time and I truly didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. I think we can all remember when we would spend the whole day really getting nothing accomplished except eating, sleeping & watching TV. As an adult we call this a vacation because now I can’t imagine myself spending that long of a stretch & not have anything to show for it at the end of the day.
I remember growing up thinking about how much I couldn’t wait to be a doctor without having a clue what it would take to get there. And I'm not talking about the hard work, dedication or perseverance stuff, I’m talking about the four years of undergrad, 4 years of medical school & 3-8 years of a particular residency, like I honestly had no clue. Your time is so consumed with school work that you forget that life just happens all around you. I remember I used to hate checking my social media pages because it was the best reminder just how far behind I was in regards to life changing events(baby, new property, etc).
I have spent the better part of my adult life as a physician, working too much with very little leisure time to show. The worst thing about that is that it never felt like a bad thing to do while doing it. I am in a career I love, that I would do for free(if not for Navient/Sallie Mae) and I never get the ‘monday blues’. Unfortunately it’s not until after I go back and think about the time lost and see all the things I could've been doing that I start realizing that I have to make a conscious effort to take my time back.
With 2017 just a few weeks away it looks to be another important year in my life, as I am going to be making several transitions of personal & career growth. I want to make sure that as I go along this road, which will bring on more responsibilities that I understand that if I don’t make my time a priority that the work may eat me alive. I don’t want to miss vacations, my children’s school events, weddings, and a whole host of events that not having the time freedom has caused me so far. Don’t be like me, the guy who loves his work so much that he gives up his time in it’s place.

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