reflecting backFor those who hadn't caught up with my weekly wrap up  I decided to dedicate this week's blog topics to reflecting back on this great path to become the physician I am today.  So all this week I will be going back and writing on what my thoughts were during different times in my life during this pursuit of becoming a doctor. Today I will be reflecting back on when I first began to dream about becoming the doctor.
Dr. Gaston was the first physician I can remember as a child and little did he know how much he would shape my entire future. Not only was he the doctor for my entire family but in the community I grew up it seemed like all my haitian friends/families saw Dr. Gaston as well. I didn’t realize then what I knew now but it was my first experience with how patients tend to stick with doctors they feel comfortable with. I don’t even know if he was any good or not but to have someone who spoke your native language was enough to attract a lot of his patients. Reflecting back it was then I knew that becoming a physician was my life goal, because I wanted to help my community while also making it very easy when they came to see me.
reflecting back, doogie howser
Doogie Howser was one of my favorite shows growing up won’t lie and try to hide the fact that this guy was a real TV star for me.  I just remember looking forward to watch the show and imagining myself walking the hospital hall ways just like him. In real life I had Dr. Gaston but on the television is was all about Dr. Doogie Howser.
One of the toughest things growing up was not having any role models that I knew personally who were physicians so I had to lean on these two strangers (one real and one fake) If I was going to be the doctor I dreamt of being.

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