reflecting back
Continuing from Part 1 of my reflecting back post I am going to fast forward to high school, as I am about to make the decision on what I planned on doing after school.
I went to Lake Worth High School and was accepted into the medical magnet program which was great because we all got first hand experience very early in the medical field. By this time most of my friends already referred to me as “Dr. Pierre” so being in the medical program was a no brainer. It was my junior year and as we were getting ready to start applying to colleges we all had to meet with our advisors to help with choosing a school. Now for full disclosure I can tell you that I wasn't the “best” student as I always seemed to get myself in some type of trouble but thankfully it never affected my grades but I remember telling my advisor that I wanted to be a doctor when it was said & done and she told me that she didn't see a future in medicine for me.
reflecting back, FSU
It was the first time I had ever been told that my dream wasn't going to happen so of course I was kind of shocked but I didn't want to let on my disappointment so I kindly told her that she was wrong and from there decided that my medical “advisor” wouldn't be advising me from here on out. I went to see one of my favorite teachers Mr. Thomas, my English teacher and told him what happened and he recommended checking out the college he went to Florida State University. Now I wasn't sure if this was like some type of divine intervention because FSU was my favorite college team so it almost seemed to good to be true. I applied shortly thereafter and was a Florida State Seminole the summer after high school graduation.
Reflecting back I thought this was such a pivotal point in my life because it was the first time(wouldn't be the last) where I would encounter an obstacle on my path to becoming a physician.

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