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In case you missed the first two parts of my reflecting back series go ahead and do so now so you'll see just how we got here.
Reflecting Back Part 1
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Going to FSU was such a great decision in my life and just everything thing went right for me from the start. I was doing well in my classes & made plenty of great friends so it seemed that I would be closer than ever in chasing my dream of being a physician.  The only thing was I actually had no clue on just how to go about doing so. If you remember I didn't have any family members/friends who were physicians so I was quite clueless on how the process went. I remember having to go to the career center for a class assignment & the counselor asking me just what I had done thus far to get ready for the MCAT or improve my medical school application. *Imagine deer in headlights look* That was the first time I had ever heard of the MCAT, I had no clue there was this test that was going to determine whether I get into medical school or not.  I just have to thank god for giving me that homework assignment because it probably would have been senior year before I realized all I needed to know about that test. The counselor above, Ms. Anderson just happened to be the advisor for MAPS(Minority Association of PreMedical Students) and she quickly encouraged me to join. [Check out my post on SNMA] I felt right at home with all over the other premedical students and still to this day I am still the best of friends with some of those students I met during that time.

reflecting back, berry pierre, looking back
But of course here comes the bump in the road that seems to be all too common for students who are pursuing medicine. I didn't realize it at the time but I had just registered for what many premedical students know as a “weed out” course in organic chem. Everything started at all right but it didn't take long (first exam) to realize I was in a fight which I would wind up on the losing side of. That entire semester was all bad as I ended up failing that class as well as getting a D on another. At the age of 20 I thought my life was over, I remember sitting in my room trying to imagine myself in another career and just completely drew a blank. I was depressed and like most premedical students took to this popular forum studentdoctor.net to see what options I had. For everyone who is familiar with the site you already know the answers I received,  one word Quit. Fortunately with my chance encounter with Ms. Anderson and being in the MAPS organization quitting wasn't even an option I would consider…

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