Starting over with these 8 new goals for success

**Brushes off the proverbial dust **
So I'm back just shy of a year since my last post and I wish I could say I was so busy with life that I couldn't write anything but what actually happened was that I just looked around one day & saw that all the lifelong goals I had growing up were checked off.
Get married √
Have kids √
Become a doctor √
Get some friends in med school √
Mentor some kids √
Not be broke √
The natural question being “what next?” weighed a bit on me,  here I was at 32 years old having what I assume is an early midlife crisis because I had achieved what all I wanted to growing up and now I felt in the same position as a college freshman who is undecided on their major. So after just brainstorming and meeting some wonderful & insightful people along the way I have a few more bucket list items to my agenda before its all said and done. I don't have any real time tables for any of these but now that I have them written out for the world to see I kind of don't have a choice but to not fulfill them.
Start a monthly medical newsletter
Write a book or two
Become an Internal Medicine Program Director
Become President of one of the following: FOMA, AOA, NMA, ACOI, ACP
Establish a $20k endowment for my Nonprofit Organization (Five Star Scholarship Foundation)
Chief of Staff (hospital)
Get at least 20 more people into medical/dental/pharmacy/doctoral programs
Help my wife become one of the biggest therapists in Florida  (Day By Day Therapy)
Again thanks for bearing with me during this extended vacation, if you got any more ideas for me please feel free to let me know.

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