LLP001: Affirmation 2016 and what started it all

Any person who embarks on a new journey always has a point in their path where there is no looking in any direction but forward. That is what Affirmation 2016 has meant for me. What started out as a blog post turned into the blueprint for achievement goals [...]

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In a world from writing prescriptions to books

As Affirmation 2016 comes to a close what better way to end with my aspiration as a best selling published author. One of the reasons why I started writing was because I knew that one day I was going to write a book because thats what I thought all doctors did. At the [...]

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Why a podcast is the next best thing

To podcast or not podcast? Am I the only one who got so sick of the radio and its 3 song rotation that I pretty much only listened to the mp3 player in my car? Like I know I’m dating myself here but I remember when cars didn’t have bluetooth or [...]

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Affirmation 2016 on the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Episode 1

Today Dr. Berry is talking about Affirmation 2016   During the Video: What exactly is affirmation 2016 Goes over his resolutions for the new year What to expect in 2017 from Dr. Berry The new title he expects to have by the end of the year Lunch And Learn is a [...]

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