What happens when your ‘healthy’ friend doesn’t get the flu shot.

Before we get into this week's blog post I want to make my stance very clear that I STRONGLY believe that unless you are allergic to the flu vaccine then you should have no choice but to get it. As a health professional I have not had a choice on [...]

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LLP052:The Flu is now deadlier than ever

Listen on  Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, Spotify Every year around this time I know you all get bombard with the TV commercials, your local pharmacies and your physicians all pleading with you to get your annual flu shot. For some of you (Approximately 40%) you [...]

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Why you get the Flu on the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Episode 8

Today Dr. Berry is on talking about the flu vaccine. During the video: Dr. Berry goes over symptoms Talks about which group is most affected Breaks down a common myth with the vaccine Goes over the financial cost not getting the vaccine has in the United States Free gift give [...]

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