heart disease

Almost everything you need to know about heart disease

With the month of February almost coming a close I want to keep hammering home the importance of heart health for the community. It seems fitting that we would celebrate heart disease awareness month during the month of valentines so I wrote this so that you can find all the [...]

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Why on earth are cigarettes still a thing in 2017?

Things that typically happen at the beginning of the year: Gym memberships swell up and finding your perfect New years resolutions everywhere begin to either start failing by the wayside or permanently be added to the day by day activities of daily living You tend to be a bit more [...]

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15 reasons why you should start caring about Heart Disease now

How many of you remember the show "1000 ways to die", it depicted all these crazy ways that you could die & even incorporated the science behind them all. One of the important things caveats from the show was that uncommon things are not common. That despite how interesting things [...]

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