LLP088: Why Your Doctor Hates Fat People!

Introduction... On this week's podcast episode we discuss what appears to be the tried and true tradition of bias against overweight and obese people in the health field. I would love to say that I am shocked by the findings but growing up always on the heavier side [...]

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LLP087: Is Your Doctor Culturally Competent?

This week's podcast episode is a troubling one because I have to highlight what happens when you have a physician who isn't culturally competent. Today we highlight a terrible situation where a patient who is willingly seeking to take care of her health care needs but needs the [...]

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LLP086: Five Reasons Why You Need A Mental Break

This week's podcast episode I talk about the importance of taking a well deserved mental break from certain life stressors and why you shouldn't ever feel compelled to do something for the sake of your mental well being.  Listen to the show as I discuss the top 5 [...]

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LLP085: What ME have breast cancer…that can’t be!? with Pam Whigham

This week's podcast episode is a special one as we have our first discussion with someone on the proverbial front lines in health care, THE PATIENT. With everyone wearing pink this month to bring awareness to Breast Cancer I knew that the point usually doesn't hit home unless [...]

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LLP084: Why Men Need To Care About Breast Cancer Awareness?

On the podcast episode this week we discuss the importance of October and Breast Cancer Awareness and selfishly discuss why men should be a vocal supporter of the cause. With October officially being Breast Cancer Awareness Month we know its easy to be swept into the mania of [...]

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LLP083: Four Steps to Long-Term Pain Freedom with Dr. Zarinah Hud

The podcast episode this week we have special guest Dr. Zarinah Hud (Dr. Zee) who is among America's best Sports and Pain Management specialist. She is on the show to help cap off a three part series discussing pain & pain control. Today she is giving up the four [...]

LLP082: Are You Ready For Another Deadly Flu Season with Dr. Sabine Elisee

This episode is a special bonus for the podcast community and is a replay of my recent Empower Yourself For Better Health Series episode 59  with Dr. Sabine Elisee where we are discussing the pending flu season, common fears associated with the flu vaccine and more. I thought [...]

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