LLP004: Lets talk about Mens Health Month

June is the month that we put the focus on men regarding their health care. Honestly we men probably need a couple of months to really grasp how important their care is but I we are just going to have to make it work with one. In my practice the [...]

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Why telling young boys to man up can make them terrible men

With men's health month in full swing I wanted to touch on a topic that I hold near & dear to me which is the act of telling young boys to man up. Today instead of the traditional blog post I wanted to do the video blog format to make [...]

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Getting men into gear during Men’s Health Month – Ep. 43

Today Dr. Berry discusses the importance of men's health month and why everything ties into prevention. During the video you will find out The Importance of Men's Health Month Four Main pillars of Men's Health Month The most common reason why men show up to the doctor's office How important [...]

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