LLP062: Mental Health, Meds, Misconceptions and more with Dr. Nicole Washington

Listen on  Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, Spotify Today's guest is Dr. Nicole Washington, a Board Certified Psychiatrist, best selling author & speaker. She is here to give the Lunch and Learn Community some much needed advice on the importance of seeing a psychiatrist, why finding [...]

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A friendly reminder to check for depression Ep. 54

Today we are talking about getting a routine check up for depression Links: Podcast Episode on Depression Prayer and Mental Health In this episode you will learn: Recap on what is depression National Depression Screening Day Causes Risk Factors Signs/Symptoms Treatment   Lunch And Learn is a weekly live show [...]

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LLP026: Why being the family counselor is too big a burden

In my office more often than not "the rock" in  the family is concerned about being over burdened. Its a very common theme to see with those who serve as the mental "rock" in their family because everyone tends to come to them because they are seen as the problem [...]

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LLP011: Get your mental health in control before life happens

Making sure my patient's mental health has always been a big part of my teaching and way of practicing medicine so on today's episode follow along where I discuss why your mental health is just as important than the physical one. Today's episode is an important one as we touch [...]

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Prayer, Your Mental Health and the elephant in the room

When you break a bone do you not have surgery to get it fixed? When you get hungry isn't the first thing on your mind is to find something to eat? When you are dead tired from a long day of work & can barely keep your eyes open how [...]

How to get men to talk about their feelings Lunch and Learn Ep 33

Today Dr. Berry discusses the need to get men to discuss their feelings.   During the video you will learn Discusses the awful tragedy over easter weekend in Cleveland Why women tend to seek help for mental health disorders and men dont Common reasons why men tend to be more [...]

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