Who is there when the motivators need motivation?

This was a discussion brought up to me recently by a colleague of mines, which I found extremely interesting. We both are very familiar with serving the role of primary motivator/mentor for people in our lives, so the question came down to who gets people like us motivated when we are down. I started asking several friends of mines who are in similar positions & was met with the same bewildered face as I had when it was asked to me.

Being in the position where people always come to you for help sometimes leaves you high&dry when you're the one looking for advice. People usually don't give you the benefit of the doubt that you need help & assume that since you're so good at giving advice that you should be able to help yourself and I also think on the flip side that those who do the motivating usually won't seek help for the same reason.  I can say that the latter was a problem of mines as I would try and internalize all my  issues & would almost go out my way not to seek timely advice. Once I realized how detrimental that way of thinking was I began to open up more which improved not only my well personal well-being but my position as a motivator improved as well.  In the field of medicine where most come in with Type A personalities & “no flaws”, it is always gratifying to see that not only are there people who are willing to push you to do great things but that those same people sometimes look for you to push themselves. In short “Where is the motivation for the motivators?”, everyone is and as long as you're open to being motivated you will find it.

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