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In this sobering episode of the Real Physician Reacts series, we are diving deep into a recent and heartbreaking news story from Atlanta, where a doctor and hospital are facing a lawsuit after a baby was allegedly decapitated during birth. This is a parent's worst nightmare, to be able to get through the journey of being pregnant only to lose your child during delivery.

The incident occurred at the Southern regional medical center. The doctor in question is Dr. Tracey St. Julian and this tragic incident raises crucial questions and concerns regarding obstetric emergencies, known complications, and a possible coverup.

Here's what we'll be discussing in the video:

  1. Initial Concerns for Alleged Cover-Up: We'll explore the details of the lawsuit, including allegations of a cover-up by the hospital and doctor involved.
  2. Shoulder Dystocia: Understanding this obstetric complication that is mentioned in the incident, including its prevalence, & causes.
  3. My Personal Thoughts as a Physician About Getting Sued: As a practicing physician, I'll share my thoughts on the side of a physician that has been sued before

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