So, let’s discuss whether healthcare leaders have a responsibility to speak out against injustices and wrongdoings outside the medical sphere or not…

Recently, I came across this opinion article published by JAMA, one of the most established medical journals out there, with the title “Health Professionals and War in the Middle East”. And if you know me, you know that these things interest me.

While there were parts in the article that I really agreed with what the author was saying, there were also parts that I found quite disingenuous. Ultimately, reading that article led me to the question: Do healthcare leaders have a responsibility to speak out on issues that are not exactly within our sphere?

And today, we will answer that question in this episode, so join me as I walk you through the contents of the article while sharing my insights on the topic and addressing the opinions of the author.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Learn why we should always look at the big picture of issues instead of just focusing on some parts of it;
  • Find out why we don’t need to pick a side on the ongoing war in the Middle East; and
  • Learn why as healthcare providers, we should never fear being told to “stay on our lane”

“When you are a leader, you have a responsibility to speak up on issues that are in front of you… Because you have that responsibility, when you see right vs. wrong, you have to be able to speak on it either way.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

00:00 – On today’s episode: A discussion on whether healthcare professionals have a responsibility to speak out against injustices and acts of wrongdoing outside the medical sphere

00:56 – Brief recap on a recent opinion article titled “Health Professionals and War in the Middle East” that catalyzed today’s discussion

Mentioned Article:

04:01 – “This took me aback a little bit”: First impressions, and commentaries on the early parts of the article

06:52 – “To only focus on Hamas is a bit disingenuous”: Why we should look at the whole picture of the conflict, and not only focus on one side

11:44 – “Everyone is human. Everyone needs to be treated and respected”: Why healthcare professionals shouldn’t think that they should pick a side on the Israel-Palestine war

15:50 – “We should not be okay with ANY war crimes”: Why healthcare providers should be against all, and not just certain war crimes and injustices

20:39 – “If you are on the side of taking care of people, you would want less people getting hurt”: Why healthcare professionals shouldn’t fear being told to “stay in their lane”

23:55 – Outro: Discussion on the importance of having conversations 

Notable Quotes:

“As healthcare providers, regardless of what we want to think, we have to be the ones that will be able to look at both sides.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“We are going to denounce genocide. We are going to denounce dehumanization. We don’t care who’s doing it.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“As healthcare providers, our job is to take care of the people in front of us. No one group is better than the other, so no one issue should be tolerated more.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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