After discussing how technology has changed the practice of medicine, this week, we’re back with yet another episode focused on the role social media has played in the betterment of healthcare.

As you already know, I always tell people empower yourself for better health”, and in this age where technology is everywhere, we almost have no excuses left to not learn how to take good care of ourselves.

I am a living by-product of how social media has changed the practice, and today, I’m going to share with you five points on its positive and negative effects. Be with me today as we talk about social media's effect on healthcare.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Understand how social media has played such a drastic role in the way that medicine has become a community;
  • Find out how Dr. Berry stays up-to-date on current events concerning healthcare; and
  • Learn how social media can be both of help and of harm to us as users and as patients

“Because I have access to them and they have access to me, guess what? We’re able to stay much more up-to-date on the latest health information.” –Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

01:43 – Grow the Network: Social media has become a platform for doctors to share medical information, but more importantly, be able to connect to other healthcare providers

04:31 – Educate + Empower: Social media has allowed healthcare providers to educate and engage their patients, helping them better understand and manage their health conditions

08:04 – Stay Up-to-Date: Social media has been helping healthcare providers to stay current on matters concerning healthcare information

11:42 – Ring a Doc: Social media can be used for what we know now as “telemedicine”, enabling patients to easily access healthcare even in the comfort of their home

14:09 – The Other Side: Even when it’s being of great help, still, social media can harm anyone through misinformation and/or burnout

18:34 – Use it for the Good: Dr. Berry as a by-product of the importance of social media for the betterment of the doctor, the patient, and the practice itself

Notable Quotes:

“Because I have access to them and they have access to me, guess what? We’re able to stay much more up to date on the latest health information.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Social media now, as physicians, we can use it to help promote healthy lifestyle habits and preventative care. More importantly, now, we have allowed patients to be able to [not only] ask their questions but [also] receive credible answers.”- Dr. Berry Pierre

“I always tell people ‘empower yourself for better health’ because you almost have no option and no choice but to learn.”- Dr. Berry Pierre

“I can’t speak to everyone; I wish I could. But for the people who I can speak to, I’m going to make that difference.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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