Previously in our Men’s health month series, we talked about its general importance, we talked about mental health; and last week, we talked specifically about prostate cancer. And now that we’re in the last week of the month, we will be discussing the most important level of self-care: getting regular checkups.

There are so many barriers along the way that stop people, especially men, from seeing a doctor for a regular checkup. It is so bad that a lot of them can’t even recall the last time they got checked by a health professional. But really, do we all need to feel something wrong in our body first before we go see a doctor?

As the old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” Join me as I talk about the importance of getting regular checkups and why you should do it as early as possible.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Learn about what happens during regular checkups;
  • Discover the most common barriers that stop men from seeing a doctor and how to work your way around them; and
  • Understand the cruciality of getting yourself checked early on instead of getting yourself checked in the later stage of your life

Men, check your pride at the door… Too many of us are dying, leaving families and loved ones by themselves because our pride has outweighed our need to take care of our health. So, check the pride at the door.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

00:00 – This week’s focus: The importance of regular checkups and why men need to have it

01:23 – “It was always an adventure”: What it’s like to take care of male patients, based on Dr. Berry’s experience

06:32 – What happens during a regular checkup?: Dr. Berry explains the procedure that happens during a regular checkup and why it is important to do it as early as you can

14:54 – The Barriers: The factors that stop people, especially men, from getting regular checkups

20:56 – When was the last time you had a regular checkup?: Dr. Berry explains why you need to dedicate time for that regular checkup, and why you should be open and honest with your doctor

24:26 – “It’s the most important level of self-care”: Take care of yourself, your loved ones, and everyone around you. Go get that regular checkup!

Notable Quotes:

“In this country, we don’t really go to get help until we need help.”  – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Our body does a great job of dealing with the stress; dealing with the pressures until it can not. And we already know what the picture looks like when it can’t… All these things happen when your body says ‘enough is enough’. And the job of a doctor for you in getting your regular checkup is to prevent all of those from happening.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“The earlier I can catch something, the better options I have to treat it.”– Dr. Berry Pierre

“It just makes sense that it’s important to catch things early. But you can’t catch things early if you’re not doing that regular checkup.”– Dr. Berry Pierre

“There are certain hurdles that we’re going to have to get over if we want to have the best health that we want. There are certain hurdles that we’re going to have to fight over if we want to be the best, healthiest us.”– Dr. Berry Pierre

“Never fear that the care [in health centers] is going to be less. And don’t allow that fear to make you say ‘There’s not going to be good doctors there. I’m not going.”– Dr. Berry Pierre

“A lot of you guys are afraid of going to see someone like me. You’re afraid of the possibility that I may say ‘I know you thought you were healthy, but you’re not really that healthy’. And that fear alone makes you so anxious that you just stay away.”– Dr. Berry Pierre

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