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In this episode of the Real Physician Reacts series we will be having a discussion on the latest news on Covid-19 news including the National and Public Health Emergency declarations coming to a close in May of 2023. Deemed by many health professionals as a step in the wrong direction with some even calling it a public health disaster.

Tonight’s discussion focuses on the current facts and figures on COVID cases and how detrimental things will become once COVID-19 is no longer considered a public health emergency. We even are blessed to have a long covid survivor share his story.

Several discussion points today;

  1. The latest facts and figures associated with the covid-19 disease
  2. What are some of the things we are taking for granted that will soon disappear once COVID-19 is no longer considered a public health emergency?
  3. Talk about long covid
  4. We bring a special guest on live to talk about his battle against covid and how he lost it all while in the hospital


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