How important is it for us to build a community rooted in compassion and support, especially for our autistic and/or neurodivergent loved ones?

As we conclude the third annual Autism in Black Virtual Conference, we are coming off a natural high coming fresh off the success of the event. It’s been a wonderful and loving weekend, and our hearts are fully grateful for all that’s been part of it.

It is truly fulfilling to see how everyone’s been so consistent from its first to the very last day. But behind this great success, there lies stories, efforts, and hard work made by the organizer herself.

Without her and her love for the community, this conference won’t even be an event. Each and every year, she puts her all to be able to provide this space. Because after all, she recognizes the need to empower people, and she’s decided to have that mission as hers to take.

Join me as we do a recap on the third annual Black in Autism Conference, again with one of my favorite guests, obviously, with no bias—Maria Davis-Pierre, my beloved wife and CEO of Autism in Black.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Understand the importance of having networks and sharing knowledge and wisdom with each other in relation to our journey toward empowerment and a better world;
  • Discover the highlights of the recently concluded Autism in Black Virtual Conference 2023 along with some behind-the-scenes stories from the brains behind the event; and
  • Find out how Maria-Davis Pierre and the Autism in Black can help and support you through the Autism in Black Community and next year’s conference

“We definitely want to make sure that the individuals in the community have the information, they have the support, they have the backup because it can also feel isolating and lonely when you don’t have anybody in your support circle who is raising an autistic child or any autistic family members so they’re not understanding these sorts of things. Having that community where you can have that space where you don’t have to explain as you are trying to get your support just makes it easier and more fulfilling.” -Maria Davis-Pierre

Topics Covered:

00:00 – On this week’s episode: Maria Davis-Pierre joins us as we do a recap on the recently concluded Autism in Black Conference

00:44 – A sense of accomplishment: Maria’s initial thoughts and feelings coming off her now third successful virtual conference

03:40 – A quick recap: Maria recalls all events that happened during the three-day conference, starting from Day 1 (Friday) to Day 3 (Sunday)

06:19 – The best of bests: Maria talks about the highlights of the conference, mentioning her fondness for how everyone showed up consistently in those three days

09:05 – A place of belonging and compassion: Maria shares the reason behind the creation of the Autism in Black Community as she highlights the benefits of being a member. Here, she also discusses the inspiration and goals of the whole organization

15:33 – Go to to get more information about the Autism in Black Community

16:04 – The challenge: How difficult it is to live in the moment when you’re hosting a conference, as per Maria’s experience

17:48 – Next year’s conference: Maria shares her early thoughts for the 2024 Autism in Black Conference as she explains what the overall theme would be

20:17 – Dr. Berry Pierre and his wife Maria Davis-Pierre’s message for each other: “Thank you…”

22:11 – Connect with Maria Davis-Pierre

Notable Quotes:

“That’s one of the things we wanted to be able to do—to make sure we’re having the right information, make sure we’re well-equipped when we’re going to these meetings and advocating on behalf of ourselves or our children, and that we know what needs to be said to get things done, because a lot of times, we put our trust into the school system or the healthcare system, thinking that they have our best interests in heart or our children’s best interests in heart, and oftentimes, that’s not the case.” – Maria Davis-Pierre

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