So, let’s talk about the marriage between nanotechnology and medicine, and how this can help revolutionize cancer treatment…

Have you ever wondered what the field of bioengineering entails? 

At its core, bioengineering is a discipline that harnesses the principles of biology and engineering to develop innovative solutions for a variety of problems. It is a world filled with extraordinary, cutting-edge, and most importantly, profoundly impactful innovations. And with its revolutionary advancements in medicine, agriculture, and more, it is truly shaping our world in ways we could never have imagined before.

Unfortunately, this is a science that I know little to nothing about. 

But worry no more, for in this week’s episode, I’ll be joined by a trailblazer in this field – Dr. Craig Richard, a Black doctor who not only pushes the limits of what nanotechnology and medicine can do but is also a staunch proponent for representation and mentorship of Black students in STEM fields. 

If you feel like me, whose knowledge about this field is so limited but has been pondering upon the incredible possibilities that lie within this field, then get yourselves ready. Here, we’ll discover how the tiniest particles invisible to the naked eye might hold the key to medical advances for better health and life.

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Find out how nanotechnology and medicine go together;
  • Understand the importance of representation and mentorship in STEM fields; and
  • Learn about the advances of nanotechnology especially in the fight against cancer

“That’s the goal; it’s to develop treatments for these diseases that otherwise would have very few treatment options or would result in such drastic symptoms from the treatment that people don’t want to do them. We can make this process a lot easier or more targeted so there’s less off-target effects. It’s the best of both worlds.” – Dr. Craig Richard

Topics Covered:

00:00 – On today’s episode: The marriage between nanotechnology and medicine 

01:03 – Welcoming today’s guest, Dr. Craig Richard A.K.A. The Mad Bioengineer

02:13 – Importance of representation: Who is Dr. Richard? Why are we having him on the show this week? 

05:39 – The backstory: Dr. Richard explains what nanotechnology is while touching on the reason as to what drew him to this field

09:42 – On being ecstatic: Emanating passion and excitement for what he does in a field where there are people who aren’t happy with their jobs

11:52 – It’s everywhere: Did you know that there are lots of applications that use nanotechnology nowadays? Get to know some here

14:12 – Looking at the horizon: Nanotechnology and medicine in the next 5, 10, 15 years 

16:58 – Debunking conspiracy theories: Is it safe to incorporate nanotechnology in medicine?

19:58 – On being active on social media: What it’s like being a pillar of his field and being a mentor at the same time

26:46 – Connect with Dr. Richard Craig


“Fundamental properties start to change when you start to nanostructure things.” – Dr. Craig Richard

“It’s really exciting because now, you could have systemic delivery. It doesn’t matter how you deliver it, but if you only deliver the on signal – the kill switch – to the site with the tumor, then you’re getting all the buildup that’s happening in that tumor and you’re only having the effect in that tumor; you can minimize the off-target effects of some of those really toxic chemotherapy drugs because they’re only being released inside the tumor or around the tumor.” – Dr. Craig Richard

“Obviously, there’s going to be pros and cons; there’s going to have to be some sacrifices, especially if you’re treating cancer. Like, the chemotherapy drugs you are using – they’re poison. There are no uncertain terms; it’s poison. But it’s a poison that affects the cancer cells more than it does the normal cells and you’re just taking advantage of cancer’s biology. So, if you can take it and put it in some type of delivery vehicle and have it specifically target that, the benefits kind of outweigh some of the risks.” – Dr. Craig Richard

“I don’t want people to have the same experiences that I’ve had, like going through college and high school where I’m the only person that looks like me in the room. I can count on one hand the number of people in my field, in my department, that looks like me, and that’s a problem. I don’t want that to be everyone’s experience, so I’m trying to do what I can to help with that and remedy that problem.” – Dr. Craig Richard

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