What does race have to do with healthcare?

As much as we’ve hoped that in 2022, people won’t be this naïve to not know, still, some people are, so today I share with you the story of the black healthcare professional.

For years, we have been stereotyped, that the chances of seeing someone who looks like me as your physician is going to be very low; that we are not the standard, and that speaking for our community is already a racist act – all because they don’t understand, because they’re the standard.

So in this episode, we’ll dive into the answer on why race is everything, and why it’s no doubt life-changing to see someone who looks like you, who you know will listen and understand you, as we proudly live life as blacks.

Dr. Berry Pierre is a Black Doctor, a Father, and an Educator, who has made it his mission to empower you to take control of your health one disease at a time. He is a board-certified Internist, and he hosts “Medicine Mondays” and “Real Physician Reacts”.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Understand why race is everything when it comes to healthcare and being a professional in general, that a level of culture and connection between doctor and patient is so important;
  • Find out why Dr. Berry doesn’t hide the fact that he is black and that his message is more focused on speaking for the black people; and
  • Learn the importance of having a black professional take the responsibility of speaking, protecting, and caring for our people while calling our colleagues out as well

“It means everything in the world to a patient to see someone who they feel will listen and understand them.”

– Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

01:05 – The Question: Dr. Berry talks about the comment he got in one of his recent TikTok videos which he felt important to respond to

02:48 – The Answer: Giving a dream scenario to make people understand the importance of having a black professional, not only in healthcare but also in other fields of life

07:52 – What Your Patients Truly Care About 1) Does this doctor care about me? 2) Does this doctor listen to me? 3) Does this doctor understand me?

09:04 – My People Need Me: Proudly taking on the weight of being a black professional and having no issues going active on public platforms

13:02 – Cultural Competency in Healthcare: Why it’s a lifesaver to have a physician who shares a culture with you, and why it’s our responsibility to call out colleagues who are saying things that might mislead people

16:48 – Why They’re Asking Why: Dr. Berry explains that people who are seen as standards don’t understand why we need to focus on the black community simply because they are the standards

19:29 – In Case of Confusion: Dr. Berry reminds people of the work that he does as well as who the majority of his messages are for

Notable Quotes:

“Your patient doesn't really care how many books you wrote. Your patient does not care if you went to the best medical school in the world or the best residency in the world, or you did 100 different journal presentations. Your patient does not care about any of that. Your patient cares about ‘does this doctor care about me? Does this doctor listen to me? Does this doctor understand me?” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“One of the biggest reasons why I go online – not because I like talking, which I actually do – but it’s because I know that my community needs someone who looks like me to be able to say those same things that someone else may be saying.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Yes, that's a burden that we have, but we have it because we have patients who need us.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

As a healthcare professional, once we get to the level that we're at, I hate to say our responsibility, but sometimes, it is our responsibility to not only support and protect our patients but sometimes call our colleagues out as well… If we don't say anything, we might as well be admitting that that's okay to do.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“They actually live in a world where if they're the standard, they don't understand why we even need to bring up whether a person is black. For them, they don't understand, usually because they're the standard.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Someone needs to talk to the black community, and that's what I'm here to do… If I only had to choose one audience, I'm going to choose my black community audience, because I know that for the longest time, we have been disenfranchised and not given the information needed, and unfortunately, we've been paying the repercussions for it.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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