So, let's talk about the story and experience Black fathers go through in raising autism-diagnosed kids…

While autism discussions and advocacy are slowly coming to the forefront, unfortunately, not enough attention is given to the experiences of fathers – especially Black fathers – just yet.

That’s why we’re back with another episode from this two-part series with Nick Richardson, an author, a loving husband, and a Black father to a son who has a dual diagnosis of autism and ADHD.

Going through the experience of having to unlearn and relearn everything for his son's development, he believes in the power and importance of having support groups and/or communities.

Regardless of whether you’re a father who just got your kid’s diagnosis or a spouse trying to understand what your husband is thinking, this two-part series will try to serve as a helping hand in this time of need.

In this episode, Nick emphasizes the importance of creating a household full of love as he stresses how crucial it is that as parents, we also find people we trust to rely on so we can find balance and take a break. Because as beautiful and loving as it is that our love drives us to work for the betterment of our kids, we also need to recharge and take a breath.

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Understand the importance of parents having a trusted community to rely on for taking a break;
  • Recognize the significance of creating and having a positive and loving household, regardless of whether your kids are atypical, neurotypical, or neurodivergent; and
  • Learn how to find balance in life as a parent, especially if you have a child on the spectrum.

“I believe all households should be full of love. Every household is different, but when you’re definitely talking about having a child on the spectrum, creating the most positive atmosphere you can will help better your child in the development with this diagnosis.” – Nick Richardson

Topics Covered:

00:00 – Introduction: This is Part 2 of our conversation with Nick Richardson!

(If you haven’t watched Part 1, click here:

00:40 – Then vs. now: Nick on supporting and helping his son develop a vision of his own

02:36 – Our job as parents: Creating a positive and loving household, and distinguishing actions related to diagnosis and those requiring discipline

06:56 – You need to recharge: Nick discusses the importance of parents having a trusted community to rely on for taking a break

08:40 – The podcast: Nick talks about the story behind their podcast, AutisHim (link included below)

13:30 – The book: Nick explains who the book he’s written is for (link included below)

16:24 – Nick on finding balance in life: “Five minutes here, 10 minutes there…It all depends on what your priorities are…”

19:23 – Nick on being part of a special education citizens advisory council: “We try to work to help better the lives of all of the kids…”

23:01 – Please understand: Nick explains why the things he does circulate in the autism space

24:18 – A message to parents: “If you can surround your child with that opportunity…”

25:36 – Connect with Nick through AutisHim’s official platforms (link included below)

26:37 – Outro: Nick and Dr. Berry say their thanks to the community as Nick promotes their podcast, AutisHim


“What I’m realizing is I know when I surround my son with the things he prefers, he has a better opportunity not only to learn academically but learn socially when there are positive environments around him.” – Nick Richardson

“It all depends on what your priorities are. That’s how you find out what you can handle and what gets done and what doesn’t get done.” – Nick Richardson


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