While diabetes is one of the most significant diseases there is in the world, it is not necessarily a life sentence. In fact, there are lots of different treatment options out there, depending on what your situation calls for.

However, despite the long list of available treatment options for diabetes, many diabetic patients still struggle with it; because more than just the medications, it takes a serious and dedicated lifestyle modification in order to win against diabetes.

So join Dr. Berry in the second of this two-part episode about Diabetes Awareness Month where he talks about the different treatment options for diabetes as he emphasizes the importance of lifestyle modification.

In this episode, Dr. Berry discusses the treatment options for diabetes as he explains what works best in which situations, while continuously stressing the importance of lifestyle modification in controlling diabetes.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Discover the different treatment options you can take if you have diabetes, and which one will work best for your situation;
  • Find out what, when, and how much you should eat if you are diabetic; and
  • Understand the significance of lifestyle modification in dealing with your diabetes

“If you ask me, my job is to try to bankrupt these pharmaceutical companies. I want the lifestyle modifications to be just enough.” –Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

01:13 – Part 2 of Diabetes Awareness Series: Discussion on treatment options for diabetes

03:09 – Lifestyle Modification: The first and foremost step to keeping diabetes in check

05:46 – Diabetes diet, eating, and physical activity: What you should be eating when you are diagnosed with diabetes

10:34 – Diabetes diet, eating, and physical activity: The kinds of food that you must be limiting when you are diagnosed with diabetes

11:32 – Diabetes diet, eating, and physical activity: When you should eat depending on your medications

14:18 – Diabetes diet, eating, and physical activity: How much you can eat if you have diabetes

17:18 – Discussion and comparison of the common oral medications for diabetes

21:08 – Metformin: The gold standard medication in the battle against diabetes

26:10 – There are many different types of medications that can treat diabetes; but if your lifestyle modification isn’t taken care of, it wouldn’t matter

26:53 – The different types of insulin, their characteristics, and how they work

29:34 – The different types of regimens for patients who need insulin

35:26 – Continuous glucose monitoring: The better option than continuously sticking yourself with insulin

39:09 – There are lots of treatment options for diabetics that help in controlling diabetes

Notable Quotes:

“We’ve always cared about diet and exercise. What happens is that when we were saying that diet and exercise is important, you weren’t listening.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“If you overeat, whatever I give you is not going to matter.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“If you are complying with your diet but not complying with medications… sugars go bad on the high side. If you are complying with your medications but not complying with your diet… sugar goes down.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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