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In this week’s episode of the Real Physician Reacts series we are going to be talking about the recent Twitter exchange between Dr. Peter Hotez and Joe Rogan. After Dr. Hotez challenged Spotify on its inability to stop the misinformation spreading from Rogan’s podcast.

What happened next is akin to cyberbullying with countless other prominent anti-vaxxers including Elon Musk chiming in and offering large sums of money for Dr. Hotez to debate on his show for “charity”. Thankfully Dr. Hotez doesn’t take the bait but it does end with anti-vaxxers showing up at the home of Dr. Hotez demanding the debate.

Several discussion points today;

  1. Why did Spotify get called out on behalf of Joe Rogan again
  2. Why we shouldn’t be listening to someone listed on the disinformation dozen like Robert Kennedy Jr
  3. Why experts can not be seen as equals in this anti-vaxxer debate

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