Self reflection is commonly defined as one's careful thoughts about your own behavior and beliefs. I believe for many of us we are so busy just trying to get one task completed so we can get to the next one that we often forget to just ponder what it is that we are actually doing. Many of us submit to evaluations constantly whether it's from your spouse, partner, job, or school but many of us never really take the time to really evaluate ourselves critically to see just how much we offer these institutions that pass their judgment on us on a yearly/monthly/daily/hourly basis. I spoke recently about hearing some amazing words from “Dr. Drai” regarding knowing your worth, knowing what you bring to the table & being confident in telling others that. He had only spoke for an hour or so but it was a major turning point for me as a young professional in this field of medicine. I began taking a critical look at all that I had accomplished, all the avenues that opened up because of my accomplishments & really began analyzing just what me being a osteopathic medical physician meant in the grand scheme of healthcare and beyond.

Dr. Berry Pierre

As an employee of a system(in my case a hospital) it was easy to get swept up in the sea of knowing that the building I practice in was paid for, my employees were paid for and that even I received a steady salary from the hospital. Just knowing that a lot of the load that primary care offices usually have to bear was taken off my shoulders allowed me to have a sense of comfort & less worry but what it did was cloud the importance of my position. It allowed me to accept a faux reality that I wouldn't exists in this space if not for the company paying for it but it wasn't till my eureka moment that I began to truly understand that this entire foundation was predicated on me actually being great at what I do. It was my piece of paper from Nova Southeastern University that made way for the building purchase, the medical equipment purchase, hiring of employees, the pharmacies, home health care agencies, rehab centers,nursing homes, diagnostic centers, insurance companies, hospitals and the list could go on. As physicians we suffer a lot whether it be lost time[I essentially don't remember my 20's because I was studying so much], wages[putting off being gainfully employed during our most formidable working years] and personal time that many of us forget just how big our impact really is.
It was really apparent to me that I was lost when Dr. Drai asked on the show “what are you worth?” because I honestly had no answer. With all my schooling and training never once did I ask myself that and if I didn't know what I was worth guess who did, no one. So as I have continued on this journey as a physician, mentor & have now added titles such as speaker, blogger and soon to be author I hope to continue to revisit this question because if it's one thing I know my worth today will not be my worth tomorrow.
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