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So football is back in full swing and guess who is off the market for at least another year after signing on the dotted line. It feels like it has been forever since I wrote the  Free Agent post  but that time is coming to an end. In fact by the close of business today I should be signing my contract to make it official. I think the best thing about this “free agent” process was getting to know exactly who I was and what I meant to the medicine community.

He is a wonderful doctor who takes the time to listen to you”

When I came out of residency I was just happy someone was willing give me a job because even with all the experience of medical school and residency you never feel 100% ready. But after two years and plenty of satisfied customers (patients) I went into this free agency period extremely confident.

Dr. Pierre is a kind, caring doctor who takes his time and listens to his patient. He also takes the time to make sure his patient understands his treatment options and agrees with courses of treatment. After a long search, I am happy to have found Dr. Pierre”

What I learned thru this process was that as a physician you have to take a proactive &  deliberate approach in establishing your worth because if you allow someone else to define it they are sure to undervalue you in the pursuit of profit. I usually have medical students rotate with me and besides all of the medical info I teach them, I make sure to pound home the idea that as a physician you have to work on defining not only who you are but how much you are WORTH.

Dr. Pierre was very attentive, and caring towards my needs. He sat down and actually LISTENED to what I had to day! He was not in a rush, he spent time to understand my problems, and he also did a physical examination! He developed a treatment plan, and ASKED me what course of action I would like to take! What a great experience! My husband, and my son will be going to see Dr. Pierre soon. I would highly recommend Dr. Pierre, he is a great doctor!”

So now I think my patients and better yet my office staff can breathe a sigh of relief. (apparently there were already rumors that I was on my way out). As I continue to embark on my journey of becoming a Medical Mogul, I think it is going to be interesting to see how my life as a practicing physician plays out. I feel great that at this moment what I feel I am worth and what my current job thinks I am worth aligned.

Special Thanks to my Lawyer Roderick Holloman on helping me get through this contract endeavor – Check his law firm out here. The Holloman Group 

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