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    On this week's episode of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry we celebrate National Physicians Week. It occurs from March 25-31 and helps to highlight the work of physicians.

    I think quite often as a physician you go through all this heartache, pain & struggle to become a physician and then once you get the ultimate goal there is a sense of gratitude is often missing.

    On the episode you'll hear about how it started out as just a day of appreciation & evolved into the National Physicians Week.

    Also, get a chance to hear who are my top 6 favorite doctors thus far on my journey of becoming such a great physician.

    1. How to celebrate National Physicians Week

    For those of you who have a favorite physician whether it be your outpatient clinical specialists (Internist, Family Physician), your Cardiologist/Surgeon, or even your child's Pediatrician whoever it is let them know how much they are appreciated.

    Call their office, leave a message on their facebook pages or just post a status on your social media pages letting the world know what your doctor means to you.

    national physicians week

    Questions I hope to answer for you…

    What is National Physicians Week?

    Who are my favorite physicians?

    How did it go from National Doctor's Day to National Physicians Week?

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