LLP021: Finding out my child has autism

Hearing that your child has autism can be life altering and usually brings out way more questions than you could imagine. I remember when my wife who is a licensed mental health counselor began noticing developmental delays in our child that she was just uncomfortable with waiting to see how things played out. Being an internist, who specializes in the treatment of adults I was in the dark and really couldn't offer any guidance at the time so it was refreshing to see my wife go to work and despite all of the “experts” tell her that it was too early to diagnose she pressed forward. It was a great lesson in the treatment of autism where early intervention will always trump all.  On today's episode we discuss why autism is a big part in my life and why the key is early intervention.  


In this episode you will learn:

  • Why its such a personal issue for me
  • Learn about his amazing wife efforts in the beginning
  • Why early diagnosis is key
  • How much it has made me a better father

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