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LLP052:The Flu is now deadlier than ever

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Every year around this time I know you all get bombard with the TV commercials, your local pharmacies and your physicians all pleading with you to get your annual flu shot. For some of you (Approximately 40%) you heed the calling and get the flu vaccine and go about your merry way. Unfortunately, for the majority of the population for a plethora or reasons you don't get your flu shot and the culmination is what we continue to experience on a yearly basis where you continue to have reports of worsening flu seasons then the year's past. 

Today on the show I discuss some of the most recent startling facts about the flu season & why 2018 maybe one of the worst we have experienced in quite some time. 


In this episode you will learn:

  • Flu Virus Facts  
  • How many people are dying weekly this year?
  • How many people end up in the hospital?
  • Recent hospital patient who “only” had the flu
  • Where you can get your flu shot

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