Being apart of graduate medical education is one of the more fulfilling roles I serve as a physician. I get to be a part of the grooming process for medical students and Internal Medicine Resident Physicians alike. I love the fact that I get to help students achieve their ultimate goals whether it be in the field of Internal Medicine or which ever they ultimately end up in.

As the Program Director every year I pour through hundreds of applications looking for the next set of physicians who will be roaming the halls of Wellington Regional but we only have six spots available so it is inevitable that someone who would like to come train with me will not be able to. Every year their medical students across the world who start the ERAS process but don't end up matching when its all said and done.

I had the opportunity join my friend Dr. Nii Darko on his podcast Docs Outside the Box, to give my thoughts and tips for medical students who don't match into residency  during ERAS season. Take a listen and see if these are some valuable tips that you maybe able to pass on to someone in this position.



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