So, let’s talk about your mental readiness to get healthy…

Since we are in January, that also means that it is New Year’s resolution season again. And in my ten years of experience as an attending physician, I’ve heard countless people say “This year, I want to be healthier.”

But really, most of those people lose track of their New Year’s resolutions around February and March.

That raises the question: Are you really mentally ready to get healthy? Because getting healthy is not going to happen overnight; it is a process that involves many steps and may take a long time.

So join me in this episode as I help you answer that question, and enlighten you about the true essence of setting goals for yourself.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Find out why you need to get rid of the New Year’s resolution setup in setting goals for your health;
  • Discover the steps on how to become mentally fit to get healthy; and
  • Learn why you should always consider and celebrate the steps and processes that you need to do to achieve your goal of getting healthy

“A lot of times, our issue is that we’re so focused on the end goal that we don’t think about the processes leading up to that end goal.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

00:00 – On today’s episode: Are you mentally ready to do what you need to do to get healthier?

00:56 – Why you should not wait for the new year if you want to change something

04:21 – The importance of having strong “whys” in staying motivated

10:17 – How to get mentally fit to get healthy: #1 – Know what it means to be healthy to you

11:27 – How to get mentally fit to get healthy: #2 – Have a support system that will hold you up and call you out

12:37 – How to get mentally fit to get healthy: #3 – Define the tasks you would need to do to get there

14:55 – “Shoot for the stars, but let’s have the realism”: Why you should be realistic with your goals, and consider the steps and processes that you need to get there

Recommended resource: The 12-Week Year

17:53 – “The goal is not guaranteed.”: Why your happiness should not be defined by getting the goal, but by being able to do the steps and processes needed to get it

19:44 – The shift that Dr. Berry wants for 2024, how he’s going to do it, and how he wants you to do it

22:03 – What to look forward to for next week’s episode

Notable Quotes:

“Have a good enough reason so that when the obstacle that can get you in trouble, that can knock you off of your destination… comes around, you can trace back and say ‘Remember the why.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Yes, the obstacle may come. Yes, it may knock you down. But your ‘why’ needs to be strong enough to get you back up.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“If you are going for the stars, and not having the steps and processes to get there, you are going to be frustrated that you don’t get the goal.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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