So, let’s talk about the anticipation and enthusiasm for the upcoming year…

How many of you are actually excited about going into 2024?

Looking back at the beginning of 2023, we might have had some goals, some aspirations, or some things we wanted to do. Were you able to do them all? Were you successful?

I know you guys say it every year — “I don’t know where the time went.” Well, I don’t know where time went, either. But one thing’s for sure: I don’t want us stuck, unhealthy, and just going through the flow.

The Lunch and Learn Community likes to get moving, to empower themselves for better health. If you did not get the opportunity to do what you got to do, guess what? You got yourself another chance with another year.

In 2024, what are you going to do so that 2024 looks amazing for you at the end of the year?

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Understand the importance of self-evaluation, as well as being excited for the year to come;
  • Discover questions you can ask yourself to help you self-evaluate for a better future ahead; and
  • Find out why Dr. Berry is ending the year in a grateful and blessed state, and how you can do the same

“Every single year is a time to get better; it’s the time to improve. I work in healthcare; I know people are not promised tomorrow. That is one thing that I learned very quickly at an early age in this healthcare field—that you are not promised tomorrow; hell, you are not promised this afternoon. So, if you know you’re not promised this afternoon, what are you going to do to make sure that you take advantage of the time you got?” – Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

00:00 – On today’s episode: Looking back, giving thanks, and making sure we know how to look forward

01:29 – To everyone who has joined us: A personal warmth and gratitude from Dr. Berry (and the team) to you

03:48 – No one’s promised tomorrow: Evaluating oneself, asking the right questions, and taking action for a better future ahead

07:07 – It is ‘Go!’ time: Make these changes the second you hear this!

10:31 – Excited and blessed: “I want that health meter to be full! If I’m consistent about asking you these questions, eventually, you’ll be consistent in asking yourself these questions.”

Notable Quotes:

“Wherever you’re following me at and you’re following my train of thoughts, I want to thank you because I know you don’t have to follow me. You do not have to follow a random physician who talks about health and wellness and Florida state and all kind of things under the sun. You don’t have to do that, but you do, and I appreciate you for that.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“A lot of times, we would just kind of go through the motion…[but] I don’t want us going through the motion…I want people who are okay evaluating themselves, okay saying, ‘You know what? I need to reevaluate myself’, and say ‘What can I learn to do better, or what can I continue to do that is benefitting me?’” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“These three pillars are extremely important: [physical] health, financial, and mental wellness, and even spiritual; you can kind of mix that together if you want. Those are three pillars of health that are so extremely important; that if you’re not taking care of your physical health, you’re not taking care of your mental health, you’re not taking care of your financial health, you’re not going to be the [most] healthiest person you want to be.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“As long as you have a passion within yourself, people will kind of understand.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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