So, let’s talk about the aspect of having a non-clinical career…

Attention physicians seeking a career change!

Are you tired of being confined to a hospital environment?

Do you yearn to explore a more diverse range of career options, but the uncertainty of what lies outside is holding you back?

Do you want to transition to a non-clinical career but you just don’t know where and how to start?

Well, worry no more, because on today’s podcast, we’ll have Leigh Ann Dooley MD, MPH, a board-certified psychiatrist who has more than a decade of clinical background, and just a year ago, has decided to transition into a non-clinical career.

She’s here to share her journey and valuable insights with those who aspire to transition and explore the incredible possibilities the world has in store for us.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity, because in this episode, not only will you get inspiration to take that shift; but you’ll also learn what career options are available for you out there as you explore the world beyond the clinical space.

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Understand why physicians are needed in every aspect of the system;
  • Recognize the importance of having a non-clinical resume and knowing how to write that well;
  • Learn the importance of having a mentor or a coach who can help you navigate the journey of transitioning to a non-clinical career; and
  • Find out what career options are available for you if you’re a physician who wants to transition to a non-clinical career

“As physicians, we are needed in every aspect of the healthcare system.” – Dr. Leigh Ann Dooley

Topics Covered:

00:00 – Introduction: Welcoming today’s awesome guest, Dr. Dooley, as she introduces herself and her clinical background

01:06 – On wanting to do something different: Dr. Dooley shares the backstory behind her transition to a non-clinical practice

03:37 – From the outside, looking in: What is it like when you are practicing within the VA system?

06:46 – Make the change: Talking about the direction Dr. Dooley wanted her career to go after 2020

08:10 – Learnings from the past: If Dr. Dooley could turn back time, what would she have done differently to make the present better?

10:35 – Was it difficult for Dr. Dooley to accept that she won’t see patients anymore?

11:41 – A helping hand: If you want to transition, make sure you find someone to guide you through the process

14:46 – This or that: What career options are there for physicians who want to transition to non-clinical careers?

23:26 – An eye-opener: “We can do more. There are options…”

29:07 – To become proficient in all areas: Does Dr. Dooley have a progression plan? What would be her career trajectory?

32:37 – Dr. Dooley on using social media: “If you can find a way to keep your expertise in one of these systems we interact with, to me, it’s just amazing. We need to be there.”

37:55 – Connect with Dr. Dooley


“As a person practicing there (the VA system), you have to understand the culture, you have to understand those generational differences, how the trauma was different at different times when you’re providing care, but then also, the political side of how things flow.” – Dr. Leigh Ann Dooley

“We, I think, do not appreciate how much our skill set, how much our knowledge, is valued.” – Dr. Leigh Ann Dooley

“We all are so driven for so long in patient care; we’re mission-oriented. I would say most physicians are going into it just generally wanting to make a difference. We want to help people, and we’re being taken advantage of because of that; because people know how dedicated we are…” – Dr. Leigh Ann Dooley

“When you’re a provider who is providing care at the standard, at a minimum, often above the standard, we do not realize how much inappropriate care is happening, how much dangerous things are happening, like lack of supervision.” – Dr. Leigh Ann Dooley

“There’s nothing wrong with real estate or investing; that’s fine, too. But if you can find a way to keep your expertise in one of these systems we interact with, to me, it’s just amazing. We need to be there.” – Dr. Leigh Ann Dooley

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