Why is it so hard to have men attend their much-needed doctor’s appointments?

Research shows that hundreds of thousands of men mostly die from cancer every single year, but Cleveland Clinic’s study says that only 3 out of 5 men actually go to their annual visit. 40% of men will only go to a doctor once they think the problem is already too serious to not care about. And even when they do visit, around 20-30% of them admitted to have not been honest, withholding important information from their attending physician.

This problem has been going on for who knows how long already, mostly because of men’s fear to get that diagnosis, and not only does it affect them, killing them fast and early, but those who are around them suffer from the hurdles, too.

So join Dr. Berry today as he talks about this issue, reminding men to take care of themselves if they want to live life better and longer.

Dr. Berry Pierre is a Black Doctor, a Father, and an Educator, who has made it his mission to empower you to take control of your health one disease at a time. He is a board-certified Internist, and he hosts “Medicine Mondays” and “Real Physician Reacts”.

In this episode, Dr. Berry discusses why it’s hard to get men to attend their doctor’s appointments, even just the annual visit, as he shares ways how those around men can help men take care of themselves in a better and more serious way.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Understand, from a man and a doctor’s perspective, why it’s not easy to have men meet their doctor for a health check appointment;
  • Discover why those who are around men shouldn’t take the entirety of the responsibility to take care of men; and
  • Find out how we can help men take their health in a serious manner without driving them to withhold information as they visit their doctor

“I say this all the time. When it’s about your health, you gotta leave that pride to the side. Pride needs to be set aside when we’re talking about healthcare.”

– Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

00:38 – This Week’s Focus: Why it’s so difficult for men to get their health in order, and why it’s killing them, not doing what they need to do

01:44 – The Facts: Diving into the numbers that show the hurdle that it takes to get men to attend their annual visit

09:23 – That Fear because of Toxic Masculinity: Dr. Berry explains why the problems in men’s health arise and get seen at a later stage as he compares the difference men and women have in terms of being open to a doctor’s appointment for their health

15:06 – You Should Take Care of Yourself: “Not only does it affect them; guess who it also affects? It affects those around them”

16:35 – Two Reasons Why Men Come to a Doctor’s Office: (1) Sexual dysfunction, and (2) they got a family member who begs them to go

19:27 – A Helping Hand: Dr. Berry shares ways on how we can help men care about their healthcare in a serious manner

Words for Men: Listen to what Dr. Berry has to say as he reminds men of their responsibility to take care of themselves

Notable Quotes:

“Very often, the avoidance of care and the withholding of care are two of the biggest issues that are killing us. It’s not like it’s always hurting us. No, it’s killing us. We are dying sooner, we are dying younger because we either avoid the system, the diagnosis or if we get forced to the system, we’re like, I’m not gonna tell them 100% of the things I want to tell them because I know how Dr. Berry does… and all of a sudden, I have a bigger problem that I know of.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“That’s why it’s so important, that’s why it’s such a problem, the hurdles that we’re facing with men, because not only does it affect them; guess who it also affects? It affects those around them… For men, we have to understand that when we’re not doing what we need to do, other people eventually suffer around us.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Men are typically afraid of the potential diagnosis which can hurt their original status before they walked in there.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“You got to take care of yourself for yourself. You got to be the most healthy that you can be. You got to want to make sure you get all your annual visits in line. You have to want to make sure all your screening tests are done like they’re supposed to be done.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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