How important is it for you to be present on your annual visit?

As the saying goes, prevention will always be better than cure, but if we’ll keep on disregarding the need to visit our physicians, the time will come when things will get worse, so bad that it might even take our life away from us.

So, if you still want to live a lot longer both in good shape and in good health, sit back and relax as we learn from today’s guest. As always, awareness is where it all starts, but awareness is nothing when it's not put into fruitful action.

Dr. Randy Hines II is a board-certified family medicine physician and CEO of Hines Entertainment. Aside from being a physician, he’s also an author and a podcaster. He hosts the On Call with Dr. Randy podcast where he discusses topics relating to preventive medicine, health, and wellness.

In this episode, Dr. Randy discusses why preventative medicine is a must, especially in today’s time as he and Dr. Berry talk about the tactics for educating people about preventive measures that can help avoid poor health.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Recognize the importance of preventative medicine and having a physician help you with this;
  • Understand why you should still go for your annual visit even when you feel fine, and embrace some me time to take care of yourself; and
  • Find out how podcasts help educate more people, especially in today’s time when we’re all on the go

“You got to slow down and take care of yourself. Sometimes, people are so busy trying to take care of other people and then they come and see me and it’s like ‘I got 10 issues that I want to talk about in this 30-minute visit and I haven’t seen a doctor in two to three years because I’ve been so busy taking care of everybody else.’ And I also tell them jokingly but also seriously, ‘Hey, I’m not Jesus. I can’t solve it all in one visit.” – Dr. Randy Hines II

Topics Covered:

00:53 – The Melanin Lover: Dr. Randy introduces himself as he shares his journey in studying medicine

03:12 – The ‘Craziest’ of All Specialties: What is it about family medicine that drove Dr. Randy in that direction? How important are communication and rapport in the practice of family medicine?

08:39 – “Make Your Annual Physical Exam a Routine”: Discussion on why preventative medicine is important, along with the tactics Dr. Randy uses as he leans towards prevention

15:34 – Why is this Even Needed: Talking to patients who ‘feel fine’ about asymptomatic conditions and giving examples of such cases

18:18 – The Other End of the Spectrum: Why physicians are pushing so hard on the prevention side of things, and how primary care physicians become patients’ therapists, too

24:40 – Slow Down, Take Care: How Dr. Randy deals with the excuses he receives from patients, stressing the importance of taking a pause to prioritize care, both the physician and the patient

27:02 – Educating People on the Go: The story behind the birth of Dr. Randy’s and Dr. Berry’s podcast, how they let their patients know about it, and how beneficial it is in terms of time, awareness, and prevention

35:40 – The Book: Dr. Randy talks about his Medical Thriller book, “Appendicitis”, what it’s about and how it educates people, like ‘putting medicine inside the candy’

37:22 – Aside from Medicine: Maximizing his creative genius, doing the podcast – On Call with Dr. Randy, and future plans to write movie scripts

Notable Quotes:

“I always kind of try to expose myself to different things, different experiences, because you never know, that one little thing that’ll build that bond between you and your patient.” – Dr. Randy Hines II

“It’s very important that you have a primary care physician to kind of rein some of these things in before they get out of control or develop at all.” – Dr. Randy Hines II

“I don’t like to push drugs. I always like for people to talk out their issues if they can.” – Dr. Randy Hines II

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