How’s your mental health these days?

Too often, people misunderstand ‘mental health’ as the absence of mental illness, when in fact, people can have mental issues; it’s a matter of how we’re coping.

But there rises another concern as people confuse coping and good mental health as a one-size-fits-all healing. They think everyone has to be able to operate the same way, to deal with stress and anxiety the same way; but that is just not the case.

Sadly, lots of people still think that’s just the way it is, hence the misconceptions and repression of emotions that’s been so evident these days.

So as we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month this May, I want to be able to discuss this repression as we recognize the importance of talking about our mental health. May this be a reminder to take better care of ourselves, because our mental health is a key component in the betterment of the life we’re giving ourselves?

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Recognize the importance of having a month like May, known as Mental Health Awareness Month;
  • Find out how our mental health affects all factors of our health, well-being, and life as a whole; and
  • Understand how crucial it is to actually talk about mental health and not push more and more people into repressing their stress along with other heavy emotions

“Physical health is great. Financial health is great. But if your mental health isn’t balanced and isn’t on par with the rest, the other two don’t really matter.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

00:00 – Today on Medicine Mondays: We’ll be talking about mental health as we celebrate the Mental Health Awareness Month

01:33 – Dr. Berry’s Personal Journey with Mental Health: How is Dr. Berry able to keep himself calm and collected when he’s working in a profession where perfection is demanded?

06:48 – Mental Health Awareness Month: Recognizing the reasons behind the importance of talking about mental health

08:10 – From Repression to Oppression: “Mental health is often misunderstood as the absence of mental illness”

10:43 – Numbers from the World Health Organization: Data that shows the state of mental health crisis worldwide, and why physicians should be able to know the right questions to ask when talking to a patient

14:30 – Your Mind and Your Life: Mental health is critical to every aspect of our lives – social, physical, and economic – and that is why it’s important to have a month like this

17:42 – On Dealing with the Unexpected: There’s someone out there dealing with something and they still don’t know how to process that and move forward. Imagine having a one-stop shop where people can get help and support for that

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Notable Quotes:

“Those young boys who’ve been told to man up, who’ve been told to repress, who’ve been told to act like they shouldn’t be hurt because they can’t see Nana or they can’t see Auntie, those are the ones who oppress those types of feelings and don’t know how to express them when they get older.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“That stigma associated with your mental health, anxiety, depression, and everything else under the sun—we’re not here for that. We’re not here to have you hide it. We’re not here to have you repress it. We’re not here to have you find someone to talk to. We’re not going for that anymore.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“You cannot do this alone. You should not do this alone. If you could do it alone, then you’d already be fine.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“If you want to get to a point where in 10 years you feel just as good as you felt in year one, you’re going to have to know how I am going to process the mental complexities of my life and make sure I can cope correctly, whatever coping correctly means.– Dr. Berry Pierre

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