Covid-19 is unfortunately the gift that keeps on giving. 

We are more than 18 months removed from our first official case here in the United States. Still this virus continues to affect the lives of millions across the country and the world. 

On this episode of Medicine Mondays  we are going to discuss some of the recent updates covid-19 including the total number of cases, vaccine distribution and the total number of deaths for both here in the United States and Worldwide. 

We also will be discussing how the Delta variant has affected our time tables on when this pandemic may come to an end and more importantly some treatment options on the horizon including a medication that comes in a pill  form. 


How did we get the covid vaccine so quickly? –

Covid-19 and the delta variant –

What has covid done to the front line workers? –

Why the FDA approved the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine?

LLP150: COVID-19 The Hospitalist Experience

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