So, let’s talk about this year’s Autism Awareness Month…

Autism Awareness Month is not just a yearly celebration in April; it’s something that’s personally changed me and my family’s lives.

That’s why having an episode like this is special to me. It’s not just because it allows me to look back at the beginning of my journey of living with my spouse and raising two wonderful kids who have autism; it also allows us to celebrate the diversity of the human experience of dealing with autism or living with someone who has autism.

So join me in this episode as I share with you my personal experience of going through the hump of fear and unawareness of autism and how you can get to that next level of awareness as well with the help of Autism Awareness Month.

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Find out what Autism Awareness Month is all about and why it is such a special month to me;
  • Learn the importance of understanding that everyone has a different experience with autism; and
  • Discover the crucial role of awareness, how to get to that “next level” of awareness, and what to do with it once you get there

The beauty of a month like this is that everyone is going to be at a different stage of their awareness, and it’s most important to get them to where they need to get to, to get them to that next step, and also to help them recognize that a community is there. – Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

00:00 – On today’s episode: Autism Awareness Month and how it changed me and my family’s lives

01:13 – Where it all began: My personal experience in living with and raising someone who’s autistic

03:04 – Learn and grow: Understanding that everyone has a way to experience life, and how it will help you get over your fear of autism

05:31 – It allows me to look back: Why the month of April is such a wonderful month for me

11:11 – The importance of awareness: Why the diagnosis is just the first step, and why you should recognize that you may need to do something about it

12:59 – A community is out there: How Autism Awareness Month helps people get to the next level of awareness


“There’s a lot of people who, when that diagnosis first comes around, they don’t want to hear it. A lot of times, it’s out of fear; just like when I first heard the diagnosis… Thankfully, when you have help and a great support system, you grow out of that fear.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Once I was surrounded with a family who is autistic and recognized that, ‘Wow, that is what they experience when they go through that’, it allowed me to be able to open my eyes up to the experience that my patients were having.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Recognizing the signs and symptoms the earlier is always the better.” – Dr. Berry Pierrre

“Being Black, even when you’re autistic, there’s a different experience. Even in the world of autism, being black is a subset that causes a different level of experience that others who are autistic and not black don’t have to experience.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Diagnosis is just the first step, being aware of it is really just the first step; It’s now taking what you’re aware of, and applying it. Taking what you’re aware of, and recognizing, ‘Hey, you know what? I may need to do something about it.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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