So, let’s discuss why your doctor is not the boss anymore…

Traditionally, we are accustomed to doctors telling us “Do this, take that, and see me again in three months”.

While that kind of relationship is generally thought to be effective, it doesn’t actually work for everyone. Different doctors act differently, just as different patients have different needs.

This is why it is so crucial for patients to recognize the type of doctor-patient relationship that fits them, and for doctors to adjust to what their patients need.

So join me today as I talk about the different types of doctor-patient relationships, and shed light as to why your doctor is not your boss anymore.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Discover the four pillars of a great doctor-patient relationship;
  • Learn and understand the three doctor-patient relationship models; and
  • Find out why it is important for you to know which type of patient you are, and which relationship model fits you

“Trust, knowledge, loyalty, and regard; those are the four components that make a great doctor-patient relationship.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

Topics Covered:

00:00 – On today’s episode: The reasons why your doctor is not your boss anymore, and how that doctor-patient relationship has changed for the worse

01:10 – Different doctors act differently: Where the split in the doctor-patient relationship occurs

03:57 – The active-passive model: How and why the oldest model of doctor-patient relationship no longer works

06:00 – Patient-centered relationship: The doctor-patient relationship model that physicians always try to practice

08:48 – Mutual participation model: The model that empowers patients to take control over their healthcare

13:03 – “Does it really matter?”: Why it is crucial to understand which doctor-patient relationship model you fall under

16:53 – Trust, knowledge, loyalty, and regard: The four pillars of doctor-patient relationship

19:28 – Finding the type of doctor that fits you: Why you need to know what type of patient you are

24:40 – “At the end of the day, it’s not your life that’s getting put at risk”: Why doctors should always adjust for the betterment of the patient

Notable Quotes:

“Patients are becoming much more proactive in their care, much more proactive in trying to get some information.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Patients want to know that they are learning as well. Patients want to know that they are growing as well. Patients want to know that they have some satisfaction as well.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“I believe that if you are doing all those four components (trust, knowledge, loyalty, and regard) correctly, then patients’ satisfaction will be through the roof regardless of what a Google review says.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“The reason why your doctor is not your boss anymore is because you haven’t found your relationship with the doctor who you actually like going to.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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