When I stopped being hypocritical

As I left residency and began to see patients in the office I realized fairly quickly that the majority of my patients were either going to be hypertensive, diabetic, hyperlipidemic(high cholesterol), overweight or just a combination of the above. Here I am with years of training fully equipped to handle all of these issues but with one lingering elephant in the room. I myself was overweight, so here I was serving as my patient's “expert” at all things related to health but overweight my damn self. I think one of the things I learned through this process of becoming a physician is that we [physicians] tend to do a lot of the things we tell our patients not to with the greatest of ease. Some drink/smoke/eat excessively, many of us don't sleep as much as we recommend, our nutritional habits and getting us to follow up on our health needs is usually like pulling teeth. Of course we know these are all excuses that we wouldn't[don't] accept from our patients but we go about our day like were immune to the same issues that we are trying to prevent for our patients.
So you could have had asked any of my patients during my first few months out, I had no problem looking patients straight in the face telling them to lose weight, eat better & exercise. When I look back it's almost hilarious that none of my patient's didn't just laugh in my face & tell me to do the same. I realized very quickly that If I wanted my patients to lose weight & take their health seriously that I would have to be their example to turn to.  Like many of us I love food, growing up with my Haitian parents, a [big]bowl of rice was always a staple part of the meal. I had to first learn to love that idea that rice would no longer be a part of my daily routine. After some needed dietary changes my next battle was the gym, which can be a daunting place to be in if you don't have a clue what you're doing. Thankfully by chance someone I follow on twitter(Mr1738) mentioned bodybuilding.com as a goto website for free exercise routines. The best part for me was something that I could pass on to my patients because I knew that cost is a huge barrier for them.
I will admit that it's still something that I battle with on a daily basis because again food is great but there is no better feeling than seeing my patients come back tell me that I helped motivate them to turn their life around. As I embark on this journey I just hope to continue to motivate my patient's and really anyone with getting ready to start on this path to health living. I am just glad that I was able to leave my hypocritical ways before anyone called me out on it.

Down about 43 lbs thus far.
Pic on the left from my last year of residency.
Pic on the right a few months ago.

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