See why doctors are not as smart as you think

doctor,drpierresblog,smart,obamacareToday as I was scrolling across my timeline I came across a blog post in Forbes Most Doctors who Voted For Trump Don't Want Obamacare Repealed. A quick review of the blog post yielded several important distinctions

  1. Over 60% are NOT in favor of completely repealing “Obamacare”
  2. Not one of the doctors who registered as democrat think we should repeal it
  3. Primary care Physicians were more likely to be against repealing “Obamacare”
  4. 70% want the increase use of health savings accounts
  5. 67% percent a public insurance option
  6. Any provision that would shift more cost to the consumers(patients) thru high deductible plans were not favored by most who responded.

I tell my friends all the time that just because someone is a doctor [don't care about the speciality] doesn't mean they are genius level smart. It really means they take tests well & happen to love science courses. I have said this in the past that a doctor who hates “Obamacare” are strictly doing it for financial reasons. Being a primary care physician I am on the front lines for many of these consumers and have listened to countless stories such as..

  • How they haven't seen a doctor in YEARS
  • How “Obamacare” helped get them coverage because of a preexisting condition
  • How their health insurance LITERALLY saved their life.

I find it hilarious that the sub-specialists [Non primary care] are so against it because they are the first to refuse to see do a consult when a patient doesn't have insurance. It's clear that “Obamacare” needs improvements[hopefully this congress won't block any provisions such as they did the past 8 years] but the fact even physicians willingly vote against their own wishes reminds me that we are not that much different than the general public.
So if you thought the profession of becoming a doctor automatically meant that you are smart please refer back to this post.
PS. I hate that the Patient Care and Affordable Care Act is dubbed “Obamacare” but the media did such a great job as branding it as such that I am forced to add the quotation marks to make sure everyone knows what I am referring to.

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