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As I make this transition to a more active approach to the blogging aspect of my life one of the first things I finally sat down & completed was my an editorial calendar. Before hand I would sit the night before Reason being was because I wanted to be more consistent in my writing so I have now dedicated Wednesdays to spotlight medical disorders that I come across in the office/hospital/nursing home.

Today's topic is Infertility.
Imagine a life long goal of yours is to become a parent but despite all your efforts nothing seems to happen. That is the scenario that many hopeful parents have to face on a daily basis. Medically speaking I can't even classify you as having an issue with fertility(being able to having a child) until you have tried for almost a year[Age dependent]. I am fortunate to be able to have participated in the care of my patients who are trying to get pregnant & to have seen the success. Not only have I seen this disorder in my office but I have had several close personal friends who have had to deal with this tough issue.

Several reasons for infertility include:

    • Men
      • Something that is greatly understated with women seeming to get the lion's share of the blame is that it is much easier to diagnose & treat the male partner
      • low sperm count, abnormal sperm shape
      • Diabetes & other endocrine disorders
      • Trauma
      • Medications – including anabolic Steroids, previous radiation/chemotherapy
      • Genetics, Smoking, illicit drug use, alcohol
    • Women
    • Ovulatory dysfunction (age or non-age related) – Irregular menstrual cycles, PCOS 
    • Fallopian tube abnormalities (in relation to pelvic adhesions and infections)
    • Endometriosis
    • Uterine abnormalities – Fibroids are a big reason why many women are found to have difficulty conceiving a child & some actually require surgical removal
    • Age, Extreme weight fluctuations, alcohol 

Do you know any one who has had to deal with issues of infertility? Is there any success stories you want to share? Feel free to leave your comments.

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