Affirmation 2016

LLP001: Affirmation 2016 and what started it all

Any person who embarks on a new journey always has a point in their path where there is no looking in any direction but forward. That is what Affirmation 2016 has meant for me. What started out as a blog post turned into the blueprint for achievement goals for me in 2017. Like many, every year we secretly make our new years resolutions for better things in the following year but I went as far as putting it out there publicly not only as motivation but to serve as the public announcement that I would be a better clinician, person and excel in all my outside endeavors. It is during this time that I initially laid out my plans to better brand myself not only has a physician but as a thought leader & entrepreneur. The work of my affirmations also helped me create my first eBook, titled Affirmation 2016.


In this episode you will learn:

  • Why putting my goals out in public was a huge motivator
  • Why just being a regular clinician wasn't enough
  • His frustrations as a physician
  • What are the four new titles that I am hoping to accomplish by the end of 2017.

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