LLP024: Why cigarettes and heart disease are a deadly combination

If there is only one thing that I absolutely want you to take from all of my lunch and learn episodes is that I never want to see you pick up a cigarette for the first time or smoke it ever again. There is absolutely nothing that could be said that would make me that that smoking cigarettes in 2017 isn't the equivalent of slowly killing yourself. As a medical student you learn that if quitting or smoking cigarettes is an answer choice you choose that. There isn't a cancer that isn't negatively affected by cigarette smoking or have cigarette as a huge cause. When you have the fact that heart disease in the number one killer in the world and then you throw on the gasoline that is cigarette smoking than you have your secret recipe for disaster. 



In this episode you will learn:

  • Who is doing all the smoking
  • Smoking by the numbers
  • Associated risk factors
  • Tips for quitting
  • Vaping benefits and risks

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