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LLP 211: How to Make an Impact Despite the Obstacles

Let's talk about how to make an impact despite the obstacles …

In this episode of Lunch & Learn with Dr. Berry, I give my personal take on what it means to be a physician trying to make a lasting impact in this current climate of health care and how despite it all the obstacles the mission must go on. Being a physician prior to the pandemic there was a certain sentiment towards doctors that was resulting in burnout at a record pace. There was just a general lack of love and respect given to our profession but a lot of that changed immediately once this pandemic hit.

Today, I will talk about what it was like being a doctor and seeing the change of public support as the pandemic first began and what has started to occur as people are hoping to close this chapter of the pandemic.

In this episode, we will discuss;

  • The past & present status of the physician
  • How the pandemic highlighted how physicians were viewed
  • The importance of recognizing when you are having an impact on your community.
  • The essence of physicians realizing how important of a factor they are in people's lives even when we don't get the admiration we deserve

Tune in to today's show and be inspired as I share “How to Make an Impact Despite the Obstacles”.

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