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LLP312: Is Dr. Pierre Now a Youtuber?

So let's talk about Dr. Pierre…

If we would go back to 2007 and you’d asked me if I’d be a YouTuber, I would’ve thought that being a content creator was such a crazy idea. Looking back, I wasn’t even aware of what a podcast is, more so than being on YouTube.

But then medical school came, and I realized how powerful social media could be, especially in the healthcare space.

And so, for years now, I’ve been putting all these contents online, for you to access, listen to, and learn from.

On a long car ride, I then realized, I’m actually a content creator and a physician in one. Join me as we go through the history of how this all started, and how I came to that realization after quite some time.

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Learn how I got to the realization that yes, I am a physician, but also yes, I am a content creator/YouTuber
  • Understand why I’m taking this YouTube work seriously, especially as I talk about the healthcare space
  • Find out what’s in store for you, our YouTube family, as we welcome the second half of the year

“This is what I can promise you, my YouTube family. I am going to put as much effort as I did in our 300+ podcast episodes as we do with the YouTube channel.”– Dr. Berry Pierre

Notable Quotes:

“It took me a long car ride for me to acknowledge this is where I’m at in the point of my life, where I’m officially a YouTuber and I have to acknowledge it and I have to kind of acquiesce to the YouTube ways, especially in my life as a content creator.”– Dr. Berry Pierre

“I realized very quickly that I can’t just be talking to one person. Like, I can’t tell this person in front of me, ‘Hey, your blood pressure is an issue; your diabetes is an issue; your cholesterol is an issue,’ because they may understand it, but what about the 10 other people and their family members who may not understand?” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“If I’m going to be what they call a YouTuber, I got to record the episodes first to put it for the audio later.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“You know what? Mr. Beast is right. If Mr. Beast says I need to take this YouTube stuff seriously, guess what? We are going to take this YouTube stuff seriously.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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