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LLP 243: Is your Doctor Speaking your Language?

Let's talk about is your doctor speaks your language?…

How’s your relationship with your doctor?

Do you find yourself leaving the room satisfied, with your concerns amazingly attended, or do you usually think there’s something wrong and it just won’t work for you and your health?

All of us, as human beings, are greatly unique in our own ways, but more often than not, a life-and-death situation could arise once you get into a doctor-patient relationship you shouldn’t be in. A mismatch between a physician and their patient could lead to a lot of harm.

So in this episode, Dr. Berry discusses why it’s crucial to get that match right by first knowing who you are. Join us today and avoid the disaster of a mismatch.

Dr. Berry stresses the importance of being in the right doctor-patient relationship as he explains what could happen if you and your doctor are a mismatched pair.

Why you need to check out this episode:

  • Understand why it’s of great need that you match with your doctor, getting yourself in the right doctor-patient relationship that suits you;
  • Recognize the importance of knowing who you are as a patient so you will know what type of doctor you need; and
  • Find out what happens if a doctor and a patient get into a disconnect

“It’s very key for us to recognize who we are. Who am I? What type of patient am I? Because if I can recognize what type of patient I am, then it makes sense what type of doctor I should be looking for.” -Dr. Berry Pierre

Notable Quotes:

“I think one of the reasons why I am as great as a physician that I am, you know, to my own horn, is that not only do I recognize all of these different types of patients; I recognize that even in me, I am all of those different types of doctors.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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